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Korean Word Art
We are pleased to have on display prints of a truly unique and inspired artform created by Rhee Kwang Hyuk of Korea. The pictures are formed from the very Word of God itself, each letter and word forming images of the Christian faith. You cannot help but be inspired and awed by the dedication and perserverance of this man to realize his lifelong dream and to share in his great love for God. The following is his own account of this journey.

The Rhee Kwang Hyuk Story
As a child, I knew the Lord. I prayed to God that my life would not be empty like a disappearing cloud, but would leave something behind for the generations to come. When I was about 30 years old, I was divinely inspired that a picture of the Lord could be revealed by the printed word of God.

But at the time, Korea was under Japanese occupation, then under the communist regime. I was not able to do anything but pray the the Lord everyday for His guidance for 10 years. It wasn’t until 1950, during the Korean war, I had to leave my family briefly, that North and South Korea were divided, and I could no longer return home. My heart was broken, but I could only commit my family to the Lord, and soon after I began the long awaited project.

I began writing the Scriptures in the form of pictures without anybody noticing for 10 years, another 10 years, and another 10 years, living alone in the back room of a secluded house. I believe that this work is not my own creation, but the Lord’s gracious gift that He lets me work on through the Holy Spirit. This work is not technically superior art, but rather, just a humble expression of my gratitude for the Lord. I pray that the Holy Spirit will work in everyone’s heart who looks at the word picture to meditate about the Lord and praise God.

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