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Collections  – John Burns Woodcarvings

"Lord, isn't there something for me to do?"

This prayer, unspoken, yet from the heart, was the start of this unique work for the Lord.  John Burn's family was very active in church, and he often found himself sitting in the pew alone.  One day as he was sitting there, John uttered the above prayer from his heart.  Prior to that time, his hobby had been woodcarving. He derived great joy from creating rocking chairs, horses, and baby cradles, and he loved to give these items away.  With  inspiration from the Lord,  Mr. Burns began to see Biblical scenes in his mind's eye. He spent much time in study, planning and prayer before beginning each work.  Several two-inch blocks of white pine were glued together to achieve the desired thickness needed in order to create a 3-dimentional effect.  Except for some of the tableware in "The Upper Room", the doves and staves in "And It Came to Pass", and the swords and palm branches in "March of Shame", the entire scenes are all from the same contiguous block of wood.   Hundreds, even thousands of hours were spent on each scene.

These intricate scenes took 16 years to complete and are a great testimony and expression of this man's love for God, his dedication, and humility. The Living Bible Museum is honored to display the works of John Burns.

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