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Collections  – Rare Bible Collection

Visitors are also given the opportunity to view a collection of rare and historic Bibles with some dating back to the 1500's. The differences in languages, appearances, ages, translations, and printings contribute to the uniqueness of this collection. The Holy Bible is the book that is the world’s most widely printed and published work in the world.

Facts about the Bible

  • comprised of sixty-six books
  • The word bible was first applied to the Hebrew scripture – 2nd Century A.D.
  • The word bible has been used for the combined Old and New Testaments since the fifth century A.D.
  • The word bible does not occur in the text of the Scriptures
  • A Codex is a leaf book invented and used first by the Romans, as distinguished from a roll or scroll (basically our modern book form)
  • The Books of Moses are also known as the Pentatuech, or the Law, regarded as authoritative about 400 B.C.
  • By 200 A.D. The New Testament was generally accepted as scripture– In 367 A.D. Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria, listed the twenty-seven books which have been held as authoritative to this day
  • The Apocrypha's fourteen books have not been included in the Protestant Bible since the Nineteenth Century
  • The Old Testament was first written down in Hebrew and Aramaic; The New Testament in Greek
  • The Old Testament’s 39 books are divided into 929 chapters of 23,214 verses
  • The New Testament’s 27 books are divided into 260 chapters of 7,959 verses
  • Was divided into chapters by Cardinal Hugo de Sancto-Caro, 1250 AD
  • Up to the end of 1961 the American Bible Society had distributed over 592,000,000 copies of the scriptures
  • Robert Aitken of Philadelphia printed the first English Bible in America in 1782 with the approval of the Congress
  • Christopher Sauer of Germantown, Pa., printed the first Bible in America in a European language (German) in 1743
  • The first Bible in America was printed in 1663 – a translation into the Massachusetts Indian language by John Eliot
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